On size in MMA…

In episode 128, Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen got into a fairly heated debate on the topic of size in MMA. Brendan is notorious for pointing out Callen’s obsession with fighters’ size and used this as the crux of his argument.

Throughout the frustrating time on the episode, Brendan did a great job of distracting Bryan from the very logical points he frequently made thus never allowing the argument to have a true resolution.

The argument started by Bryan saying:

“Robbie Lawler is way too big for Connor McGregor. That’d be the craziest… For Conor to fight Robbie Lawler is the craziest thing. Don’t you think? That’s crazy. All due respect to Conor Mcgregor, Robbie Lawler is a-Talk about a bigger, stronger, indestructible man. Good luck! Robbie Lawler, I feel, is just a different weight class for God’s sake.”

Brendan interjects, “Different weight class? No shit.” Obviously focusing on one small aspect of Bryan’s soliloquy rather than the main point.

Bryan says, “That’s getting too big for your breeches.” and the rest of the dialogue continues as follows:

Brendan: “I don’t think so. I think at 170, I think Conor beats Robbie Lawler, but other than that the match ups are tough for him.”

Bryan: “He’s not beating Wonderboy; not in a million years. He’s getting knocked out by Wonderboy. How about that?”

Brendan: “Maybe, like I said though,” [They talk over one another for a moment], “You’re too obsessed with size, Bryan-”

Bryan: “Dude, in fighting? With Robbie Lawler? I’m not too obsessed with size-”

Brendan: “You are. That’s all you notice is size.”

Bryan: “Robbie Lawler’s power. Robie Lawler’s durability.”

Brendan: “How’s he going to hit him?”

Bryan: “The way he’s hit everybody ever.”

They go on to debate the fact that Robbie hit Carlos Condit easily, how tough Robbie Lawler is, and who he’s beaten. Brendan mentions that it’s about match ups rather than size.

Bryan: “[With] Robbie Lawler size makes a big difference. When you’re both highly skilled fighters, and you’re ta lking about a champion in Robbie Lalwer, it makes a big difference. it just does. In his power, in his ability to absorb shots-”

Brendan: “So as long as you’re the bigger guy, you’re going to win every time?”

Bryan: “What did I just say?”

Brendan: “You said sized matters. You said size matters.”

Bryan: “At a certain skill level, size 100% matters.”

The two continue to go back and forth, but the main point of the argument has been said. Brendan, however, completely ignores it.

What was Bryan Callen’s point?

Bryan’s point is simple. When a fighter gets to fight in the high level promotions like the UFC, the skill level is already so high that everything counts. Style, athletic ability, and you guessed it – size.

Brendan was so hell-bent on playing the contrarian that he simply dismissed this, very logical, point multiple times by stating how obsessed Callen is with size.

Logic would tell you that it’s not so much Callen’s obsession with size as much as it is fact. Brendan has completely contradicted himself yet again and here is how.

After Brendan was beaten by Travis Browne he was confronted by Joe Rogan and had to make a decision. Continue fighting at heavyweight where he didn’t seem to be progressing, stop fighting, or move to a different weight class.

For a brief time, Brendan decided he was going to cut weight and fight at 205lb. This was notoriously called “The Big Brown Slim Down.” He was going to cut down in size and he wanted The Fighter and the Kid listeners to do it with him. After the Reebok deal happened, he wisely decided to step away from fighting because it would not be financially worth taking the trauma to the head and body for such minimal amounts of money.

If you can’t see how contradictory this is then I’ll explain. Brendan decided that it would better suit him to fight at a smaller weight class where he would be bigger, stronger, and more powerful against his opponents. If this isn’t the argument that Bryan Callen made then we don’t know what is.

Instead of playing the contrarian, “Alpha”, or whatever else he’s trying to do, Brendan might learn a few things if he takes a moment to listen, digest what people have to say, and respond accordingly instead of immediately spouting off his famous line; “I disagree.”

We get it. You disagree.

If you’d like to listen to the episode yourself, you can listen on Sound Cloud. The argument begins at 33:50.

What do you think? Is Brendan Schaub going to far being being so contradictory about points that Callen makes? Does make for interesting moments on the show? Do you like it or dislike it? Let us know.


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