On Airing Dirty Laundry…

At the start of Episode 136 Brendan Schaub goes on a multi-minute diatribe about Ariel Helwani and how he should be more transparent and let the fans know exactly what his dealings were with the UFC. Although there is some truth to that, it’s quite hypocritical and we’ll tell you why.

At 8:58 into the episode, Brendan says:

If I was him I would have went more into detail. I thought it was a cop out when he went “You guys are smart, you’ll figure it out.” That doesn’t do it for me, Ariel. You need to be real with the fans. Because now you’re not in that FOX suit where the man is telling what to do address and what you can and cannot say.

If you want the fans to appreciate what you’re doing and you want them to fall on board and you want them to stay true, bring them on this journey man. Let us know what happened. Get detailed with it. What was your issues? You know me man. I’m an open book. I’ll tell you exactly how it went down. When I got – When the UFC had issues I let you know. I’ll post the email I got from Dana White. I don’t give a fuck.

He continues on for another few minutes on the topic. We find this a little hypocritical and we’ll tell you why.

Brendan has bad blood with the UFC

It’s not surprise to even a casual listener that Brendan Schaub has bad blood with UFC. While we’re completely on board with his opinion of the Reebok deal, and the UFC using his likeness in the new UFC 2 video game, it’s quite apparent that there is animosity between Schaub and UFC heads.

  • In Episode 134, Brendan talks about how the UFC still owes him an upward of $37,000. You can view that here.
  • Any time Schaub says something negative about the UFC (which is quite often), he always makes it a huge point to stress how much he loves the UFC and management. Then frequently talks about how bad the UFC management is and how a “troll in a cheap suit” is picking the fights.

Brendan hasn’t always been honest with fans

He jokingly refers to his Metamoris performance as the “Schaub Shutdown” and for the most part we agree that it was the right move because Cyborg would have put a hurtin’ most high level black belts, let alone a brown belt like Schaub.

He makes it seem like a strategy of his and put spin on it to make it seem like Cyborg was the one who didn’t engage. Although we admit that Cyborg falling to his ass and pulling guard is less than exciting, just watch the “fight” and you’ll see how little Schaub engaged.

It’s only been up until recently (In Episode 135 with Kenny Florian) that Schaub admitted that he didn’t engage and it was because he didn’t want to play Cyborg’s game. The fact of the matter is, he knew he would be beaten badly (Just like most people on that card, to be fair) and his skill-set wasn’t up to par. Is that being transparent or is that spinning his actions to suit his image?

Come clean, Brendan

If you say you’ll show us emails from Dana then publish them. Let us read exactly what the issue was. Be sure to include your responses as well. Show us the financial papers from your sponsors showing that you made over 6 figures per fight. Tell us exactly what FOX execs didn’t like about TFATK 3D and what Netflix said about Callen’s comedy special. Don’t brush over it. Give us the details. You owe it to us just like Helwani owes his  explanation to us.


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