On Being Bullied…

On Episode #137, Brendan tells a story about how he tried to settle things like a man with a former teammate in college. The story is located here if you’d like to listen. We’ll bullet point the main points below.

  • Brendan had a roommate who was “The biggest bitch on the team.” who Brendan didn’t get along with.
  • The roommate put his name on his food because Brendan would eat it.
  • Brendan says “So what would I do? I’d eat it all, throw out the rest, then put it back.” Meaning, he’d put the empty boxes of food back with the notes still on them.
  • The roommate called his mom and told her what Brendan did.
  • Brendan hangs up on the mom by saying “Get the fuck out of here.”
  • The lease stipulated that the roommate got the parking spot three days per week while Brendan got it four. The roommate begins parking his bike in the spot.
  • Brendan’s car is broken into.
  • Brendan wants to go in and fight the roommate to see who stays in the apartment. The roommate does not want to fight.
  • Brendan admits that the roommate did not break into the car.
  • Brendan spits in the roommates face and the roommate doesn’t retaliate.
  • Brendan grabbed him by the sweat shirt and threw him through a glass door.
  • He went to practice and “roasted the guy” at practice.

On Episode #138, Bryan reads an email from a listener who essentially says that Brendan was in the wrong. The roommate had every right to place his name on his food. He had every right to use the parking spot. Essentially he didn’t really do anything wrong other than the phone call from his mother, which is a bit ridiculous to say the least. That segment can be viewed here:

Brendan responds by saying:

  • He says, “Everyone this day and age wants to get lawyers involved, call their mom, call their parents. They want to include all of this paperwork and not deal with it man to man.”
  • He continues by saying “There is no bully here.” and that the roommate was bigger than him, older than him, and that it had been a reoccurring issue for a long time.
  • Brendan says he was being bullied.

After that response, Brendan goes on and on talking about how not fighting to handle situations is being a “bitch” and so on. You can listen if you’d like to hear that.

Even with Brendan’s rebuttal, we’re still unsure on how Brendan had been bullied. His response was that it had been going on for months but we’re not sure what exactly “it” is. What had been going on for months? Brendan eating his food without permission? We’ve had roommates and that can be quite annoying. A passive aggressive note might not be the best idea but if fighting is the only response, we can understand why someone wouldn’t want to talk things out with Brendan.

We encourage you to ask Brendan to clarify the situation even more. This isn’t a matter of nitpicking what Brendan is saying. This is a matter of a potential role model offering quite possibly the worst advice ever to a lot of younger men.


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